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Vaccines made from a human blood sacrifice
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Save Us Now
Published a year ago |
Living Fetus with heart still beating

Save us now - video list

Selfish and Ignorant - Rachel Elnaugh

How to decline the vaccine for front line staff - Kate Shemirani

How to Respond to the Police (COMMON LAW)

Wakey Wakey "99% of frontline staff say they can't cope"

Dr Stephen Malthouse - The Pandemic is over

Catherine Austin Fitts | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown

Dr Gallo and Dr Fauchi 'criminals guilty of genocide'

Mark Steele was right to question the heavy duty kit in the LED Street lamps!

Mark Steele full interview with Mariana Spring BBC disinformation correspondent - uncensored

The Future of Vaccines - james Corbett

Gunshot Victims certified as Coronavirus Deaths

The Rise of Aquarius - the return of Natural Justice - Sacha Stone

RARE Contrails Early morning 787 Dreamliner

BBC Disinformation to interview Mark Steele

Kim Drops Exposes [peadophile] MC TOON

Ask The Experts - There is no need for a vaccine



The Damage Coronavirus Vaccine Likely to Cause

VACCINES EXPOSED Dr. Stanley Plotkin, deposition under oath

Mark Steele answers his troll critics

Exclusive film, former Pfizer Vice President Mike Yeadon

Bio Tech CEO makes a statement

Chinese Military Like Soldiers Train on Salt Spring Island, Canada

The UK Heath regulation board expecting high level of adverse reactions to Covid vaccine

School child faints wearing mask doing sports

No Jab No pay

From Leicester & Smallpox To The World & COVID With Kate Shemirani

Why I Began Questioning HIV (House of Numbers) - Kary B Mullis

Klaus Schwab and The Not So Great Reset (Satire)

Dr Berg Explains Why The Death Rate Is So

Amazon USB key - PART 1 - CYM Adrenochrome

COVID Public Health Control of Disease Act 1984

The Satanic Elite & The Adrenochrome Connection

Emaciated drug addict prostitute zombies walking the streets of Britain

Emaciated drug addict zombies walking the streets of Britain

Battle of Trafalgar sq 19th Sept 2020
vaccinesblood sacrificeliving fetus

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