102) Dr. Igor Shepherd on Vaccines, 5G & eugenic weapons [subtitled summary]
784 views • 12/04/2020
Full video nº 101) Dr. Igor Shepherd about COVID Vaccines: global genetic genocide & biological weapons of mass destruction:

First Strike: A Warning from Loveland:

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Dr. Igor Shepherd, M.D. is currently a Readiness and Countermeasures Program Manager at Wyoming Department of Health Preparedness and Response Unit in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He has been a public speaker at numerous preparedness conferences throughout the United States and works with the the Center for Disease Control to prepare and review Emergency Preparedness Cooperative Agreement applications, strategic plans, progress reports, data, and deliverables. He also provides monthly briefings for the State Essential Function Partners and Health and Human Services representatives. Before working for the state of Wyoming, he worked in various other emergency preparedness jobs and also at a Nevada Nuclear Test Site for Counter-terrorism Operations where he was involved in technical research and development on national domestic preparedness and nuclear security for Department of Justice, Office for Domestic Preparedness, DHS, DOE, NNSA, DOD, DTRA, FEMA, National Guard, Tactical SWAT teams, law enforcement, first responders, and medical professionals.

About the transformational synchronization of our body (with 5G and nanoparticles), the intentions were publicly stated, here 2013's sources:
DARPA Hacking Humans the 47th Chromosome
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