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Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told (Full 6 hours Documentary)
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Trooper Buddy
Published a year ago |
Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told by Dennis Wise
MARCH 23RD, 2015
Much of what you’ve learned about Adolf Hitler isn’t true. For many years we’ve been deceived into believing a distorted — and often completely fabricated — version of reality. This is true for much of human history and also appears to be the case when it comes to information regarding Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler - Germany Wants Disarmament May 17th 1933

Hitler wanted peace and an alliance with England.

(Must watch) Hitler’s victory a final appeal for peace and sanity on July 19th, 1940

Bishop Richard Williamson - Not a single person died in a gas chamber

The Fred Leuchter Report - Exposing the big lie.

The holocaust- They were not gas chambers.

What did the Jews do to the German people

(Banned in all countries) The holocaust exposed - documentary.

Jewish David Cole banned speech 1994

6 Million Jews 1823 till 1936 NEWSPAPER

History in five. WW2, Power, corruption, Rothschilds and the Vatican bank.
The Vatican did not release the documents.

Secret of secret societies Walter vieth

Walter vieth the Islam connection

"Now we have forced Hitler to war, so that he can no longer peacefully pick up
a piece of the Versailles Treaty [dictates] after another."
Lord Halifax, English Ambassador to Washington, 1939 (see "Nation Europa", Year 1954, No. 1, p.
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What the World Rejected: Hitler’s Peace Offers, 1933-1939-1940s – Time to face the facts!
Beginning well before 1939 and continuing right through to the present day, world opinion has been systematically manipulated to induce the false belief that Adolf Hitler was a power mad, despotic war monger and evil tyrant who had illegally seized power in Germany, sought war with his European neighbours, and had a plan to rule the world. The establishment “court historians” have maintained and perpetuated this propaganda narrative since 1945, while skilfully ignoring Hitler’s numerous well documented attempts to persuade the World War I Allies, through diplomatic means, to live up to their own commitments to disarm, and to work with him to bring about a just settlement of outstanding issues arising out of the Treaty of Versailles, which had severely crippled Germany
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What the World Rejected; Hitler's Peace Offers 1933-1939
Facts not Fiction

The SECRET balfour declaration 1917 - video.
The Secret Drafts of the Balfour Declaration
On November 2nd, 1917, a declaration that changed the course of history was published - documents.

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