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Trooper Buddy
Published 2 years ago |
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Jean-Claude Pressac's book, Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers, is the first serious and detailed response to the revisionist critique of the generally accepted Auschwitz extermination story. This 564-page work is itself evidence that Holocaust revisionism can no longer be dismissed as a temporary or frivolous phenomenon, but is a formidable challenge that must be taken seriously.
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(Jewish population in Germany 1938: 240,000)
​JEWS INCREASE BY432,741 in 5 years by 1938.
Nearly 250,000 Jews have emigrated out of Germany into Palestine.
Where did the 6 million die?

Bishop Richard Williamson - Not a single person died in a gas chamber

(Banned in all countries) The holocaust exposed - documentary.

The holocaust- They were not gas chambers.

6 Million Jews 1823 till 1936 NEWSPAPER

Old newspaper 6 million Jews died in 1915
That claim of 6 million was simply a big LIE and technically impossible. A simple phone call in 1944 or today to any number of prison wardens in the US with gas chamber experience would have told anyone that the claim was absolute rubbish. But, not to worry about minor details—after the war, suitably prepped and tortured witnesses were found to support the BIG Lie! And, it goes on and on still today.

The Fred Leuchter Report - Exposing the holocaust lie.

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