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(Must watch) Hitler’s victory a final appeal for peace and sanity on July 19th, 1940
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Trooper Buddy
Published a year ago |
(History everyone must know)
This 2 hour video features the audio portion of Adolf Hitler’s”Victory Speech” on July 19th, 1940 in the Reichstag, Berlin, following Germany’s victory over France and her allies, the British, on the western front in the Spring of 1940. But for the first time, you will hear Hitler’s speech, in its entirety, spoken entirely in English. The speech is his own narration of the events of the war up to that point, from the German perspective, regarding who and what caused the war, and the reasons for his own actions, followed by a final call to reason, in order to stop the hostilities and senseless bloodshed. The English narration is laid over Hitler’s own voice, which is still audible. There is occasionally some tape noise near the beginning which could not be removed.

To my knowledge, no actual video of the speech itself is available; only the audio and text. It was necessary, therefore, to improvise with a compilation of still images and actual historical film footage and quotes from that period to accompany his speech. Essentially, this is Adolf Hitler’s own documentary of the events leading up to the war, from Germany’s perspective, and his record of the events that had transpired up to this stage in the war, in which he declared victory, but nonetheless, offered his hand in peace once again, and made a last appeal to reason.
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