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Benjamin H Freedman 1961 speech to America about Zionism.
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Trooper Buddy
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1945 NYT headlines
01/09/1945 Balkan Jews Entry To Palestine Curbed (By British-Restricting But Not Cancelling Promise To Give Palestine Visas To Jews Reaching Turkey During Hungarian, Rumanian, And Bulgarian Crisis-Not Now Necessary-630 Arrived In Istanbul, Jan. Y, 1945 From Rumania

01/11/1945 Six Million Lent Jews (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) By French (During Occupation)
Where did the 6 million die? The big lie.

(Jewish population in Germany 1938: 240,000)
​JEWS INCREASE BY 432,741 in 5 years by 1938.
Nearly 250,000 Jews have emigrated out of Germany into Palestine.
Where did the 6 million die?

The truth about the federal reserve and the world wars

The Fred Leuchter Report - Exposing the big lie.

Bishop Richard Williamson - Not a single person died in a gas chamber

The holocaust- They were not gas chambers.

Jewish David Cole banned speech 1994

(Banned in all countries) The holocaust exposed - documentary.

6 Million Jews 1823 till 1936 NEWSPAPER

What did the Jews do to the German people

Hitler wanted peace and an alliance with England.

A Jewish rabbi telling the truth about Hitler

The Secret Drafts of the Balfour Declaration 1917
The day that changed Palestinian history

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