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Romanian Space Time Portal to Tibet & Egypt's Hall of Records - Interview with Peter Moon
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Published 2 years ago
Michael Salla.
Legendary Montauk Project researcher, Peter Moon, discusses a space time portal from Romania to Tibet and a secret tunnel to Egypt's Hall of Records that are described respectively in books two and three of the Transylvania book series. The popular series contains the revelations of a Romanian insider, Radu Cinamar, who works for Department Zero, a paranormal research division of the Romanian Intelligence service.

Peter Moon discusses several efforts to corroborate Cinamar's information through Romanian news outlets, and why Cinamar was recruited into Department Zero's paranormal division after being taken to Tibet through a space time portal located in Romania's Apuseni Mountains. After his encounters with an alchemist called Elinor who can prolong life through a mysterious geometrical device, Cinamar meets a Tibetan lama who guides him through the portal to meet with 'Machandi' a Dakini/Goddess in Tibet. Upon his return to Romania, Cinimar is formally recruited into Department Zero due to his new contacts and experiences.

In book three, Mystery of Egypt, Cinamar travels from an ancient Hall of Records found inside Romania's Bucegi Mountains to a similar structure in Egypt under the Giza pyramid complex. The Egyptian Hall of Records contains tens of thousands of metal disks with holographic information stored in them, as well as a time machine (aka chronovisor) used for viewing past and future events, along with a levitation platform used for aerial travel.

In this Exopolitics Today interview Peter Moon elaborates on these and other fascinating developments in the Transylvania book series.

Peter Moon's publishing website is

To learn more about Halls of Records and space time portals register for Dr. Michael Salla's May 21 webinar, "Halls of Records, Portals, & Humanity's ET heritage," go to:

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