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The Wingmakers Controversy: Time Travel, ACIO & Extraterrestrial Threats
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Published 2 years ago
Micheal Salla.
Jun 4, 2022 Fred Burks has been analyzing the ground breaking Wingmakers material since 2000 when he resonated with its powerful transformative message allegedly from humans 750 years in our future . The future humans were associated with a highly secretive NSA entity called the Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization. He found that in 2001, the Wingmakers website began changing in significant ways, which has led to continued controversy over whether or not the material has been compromised by the intelligence community concerned over its revolutionary message.

Fred Burks worked as a professional translator for the US State Department in the Indonesian and Chinese Mandarin languages. During his professional career he translated for Presidents Clinton and Bush, and other senior US officials. In 2000 he became interested in the newly released Wingmakers material and in May 2001 was fascinated by the UFO Disclosure Project Press Conference organized by Dr. Steven Greer. These out of the box events culminated in Fred leaving his professional career and starting his website which has examined major 'conspiracy' theories ever since.

In this interview with Dr. Michael Salla, Fred Burks discusses his background, why he chose to leave his mainstream career, and the controversy over the Wingmakers material.

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