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The Extraterrestrial Factor in the Second Coming
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Published a year ago

Michael Salla

Sep 13, 2022 This is the official trailer/short film for "The Prophesied ‘Second Coming’ - ET Motherships, Webb Telescope & Congressional Legislation" webinar to be held on September 24, 2022. Trailer covers how the Second Coming is described as the return of a revered Messiah, Prophet, Avatar, Son of God, or of multiple Shining Ones, Creator Gods, Elohim, in many religious traditions, and how extraterrestrial visitors to ancient Earth civilizations are a key factor in the genesis of these prophetic beliefs. Trailer also exposes how the Deep State/Illuminati plans to exploit expectations of a Second Coming to maintain their global power.

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I am deeply grateful to my incredibly talented wife, Angelika Whitecliff, for her many days of intense work in creating this inspiring video and joining me in its narration..

Credit to Behind the Scenes for an extract of their video, "Slowly moving unknown elongated force blocks a solar flare':

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