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Does Webb image of Jupiter show rock debris where giant ET Motherships are parked
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Published a year ago

Dr. Michael Salla

Jul 15, 2022 On July 12, NASA held an international live stream releasing the first official images from the James Webb Space Telescope showing distant exoplanets, galaxies, nebula, and a glimpse deep into our universe. The next day, NASA stealthily released an image of Jupiter taken by the Webb Telescope, which showed a noticeable dark field just above the gas giant's atmosphere. Was it a shadow, as NASA appeared to claim, or something entirely different – part of a newly arrived extraterrestrial space fleet secretly parked around Jupiter?

This is the video podcast version of an article published on July 15 on Narrated by the author, Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Many thanks to Elena Danaan for permission to include her narration of a message from Oona concerning the Webb Space Telescope image of Jupiter.

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