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Sleeping with the Enemy: Exposing the Secret Deals Between Biden & Communist China
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High Hopes
Published 7 months ago |
Glenn Beck.
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China is no longer the harmless neighborhood kid who just wants to grow up to be like America. China is now America’s fiercest, most dangerous rival, actively working to take us down. And the worst part is, our elites are helping them do it. The Winter Olympics in Beijing start this weekend, and while the U.S. government announced a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing games, it’s a total smokescreen. America’s actual moral stance on communist China – at least from our political and business elites – was made a long time ago: They’re completely fine with it. In fact, they see a massive business opportunity. From Joe and Hunter Biden to some of the biggest names on Capitol Hill to the biggest players in Silicon Valley and Wall Street, you will not believe the extent of the secret deals they have made to enrich themselves, while helping China build its military, tech, and economic power. Even worse, the common thread in most of these deals is how connected they are to China’s communist party leadership, intelligence, and military. Best-selling author and investigative journalist Peter Schweizer reveals this in his new book, “Red-Handed.” He joins Glenn at the chalkboard to expose the major players in bed with China and the scope of American corruption with the communist Chinese government.

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Glenn Beck