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SCOTUS LEAK How Roe's Repeal Will UNMASK the Left's Altar to Abortion
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High Hopes
Published 5 months ago |
Glenn Beck.
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The leak heard ‘round the world over the Supreme Court case Dobbs v. Jackson is about to set the country on fire — both figuratively and literally. While some may be rejoicing with hope, the Left is preparing an outbreak of something else. Some activists are calling for a “revolution” and to “burn this place down.” The Mississippi governor at the center of the Supreme Court controversy, Tate Reeves, said his legislation to stop abortion at 15 weeks was strategic — he wanted this to go all the way to the Supreme Court. “Nowhere in the Constitution does it preclude states from putting restrictions on abortion,” Reeves says, “nor does it provide an automatic right to abortion.” Author of “The New Right” Michael Malice explains why he is for some legal abortion but against Roe. He calls the leaked decision “a bigger gut punch than the Trump election” for the pro-choice movement and corporate media, and he says, “overturning Roe would be a massive, if not the most massive, step towards national divorce.” Finally, Shemeka Michelle, a regular contributor for BlazeTV’s “Fearless with Jason Whitlock” shares a gut-wrenching story about her own abortion despite being pro-life. “I was a product of rape … but a doctor told me there was nothing to see in my ultrasound.” She argues the black population might not be a minority group if black women didn’t have the highest abortion rate in the nation. “Stop shouting your abortion and stop telling lies about life!”

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Glenn Beck