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The Dark Money Network Funding the War on Gender
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High Hopes
Published 5 months ago |
Glenn Beck.
Since the 2015 Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage, there has been an explosion of the trans agenda across media, business, government, and education. It’s all driving toward achieving a utopia of total freedom from the outdated distinctions of “male” and “female,” unrestricted sexual freedom of any and all types, and erasing any moral or religious objection to this new improved reality. It may appear as if culture is changing with the times — that the rise of the transgender movement is a grassroots thing — a great silent minority rising up in a new civil rights movement. As Glenn reveals, there is NOTHING organic about it. It’s the sprouting of seeds planted decades ago in academia called Gender Ideology. But an academic ideology cannot take hold in a culture on its own; it requires patrons who have tons of money. Glenn follows the money trail and discovers super-wealthy progressives, corporations, international organizations, and an army of nonprofits pumping the poison that is currently working its way through America and reaching our kids.

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Glenn Beck