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President Biden’s Mental Fitness The SERIOUS Conversation America MUST Have
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High Hopes
Published 5 months ago |
Glenn Beck.
Joe Biden is the oldest man ever to be inaugurated as president. When he was sworn in, he was older than Ronald Reagan was when Reagan LEFT office. Throughout his political career, Biden has always been known for his verbal gaffes. But repeated “gaffes” are a lot more concerning when coming from the president of the United States. They can no longer be laughed off as “silly Uncle Joe” antics. As we saw from Biden’s speech in Poland, the president misspeaking in a moment of international crisis is a serious, and potentially deadly, problem. It’s clear to anyone paying attention that the Democrat machine shielded him from the public as much as possible while he was running for president in 2020, and that has largely continued in the White House. With America and the world on edge, it’s fair to question Biden’s cognitive health. His decline and struggles are plain to see, yet Democrats and Big Media refuse to ask the uncomfortable, legitimate questions about his fitness for office. Americans deserve to know whether their president is mentally up to the job, but should we consider invoking the 25th Amendment to protect the country? Constitutional expert and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, who shut down Democrat demands to remove Trump from office, outlines the very high litmus test for invoking the 25th Amendment: “It was designed so a president isn’t ousted in a partisan, adversarial manner.”

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Glenn Beck