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Internet should 've never have been invented... stated by NWO Jay Rockefeller ;-)
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Translation - Oh My God - What if the Peasant People ever woke up to whats really going on in the world - We are truly screwed!!! They will discover we lied to them about everything, we enslaved them, rewrote the laws we told them were still standing, that the Media is a rigged Game in our Favor & we help Run / Ruin the World with our ZIO-JESUIT friends and they could figure out everything for themselves including that we are at War with the people......Big Thanks to Jay - The Internet backfired on the Slave machine! Never underestimate the People - Peace, Love & Life :)

Excerpt of something being written: Acts perpetuated on fraud are void and legal nullity for it is well settled that Fraud vitiates all Acts. In the same vein, Acts by Law-Breakers to right / enact law or judge others on the law are a No-Law.
Understanding the above, Evidence of the passing of the Titles of Nobility Amendment enacted 1810 and ratified by 1819 detailed herein proves that all foreign agents were banned from American Government since 1819. Any act tainted by a TONA violator is a No-Law and the act illegally invalid. If TONA were not so damning, why did the Crown come across the ocean to burn Washington and Court Houses across the 13 states to the Ground at its passing? Now we can see why the enemy behind the gate tried so hard to bury the passage of the now fully revealed and enacted Titles of Nobility Act through the war of 1812 and since, and why Rockefeller stated that he wished the Internet was never invented!
As you read and consider the acts of seditionists and traitors to our nation over the last 200 years that seized our nation since Lincoln illegally enter office as a Law-Breaker in violation of TONA.
Based on the Lawful Ratification of TONA in 1819 EVERY act of a Law Breaker is a legal nullity and a no law. Therefore every Act post 1819 by Law-breakers is a legal nullity and void!
As President in both Ex Officio Office and De facto Office Mr. Trump, you have the authority and duty to wipe clean 200 Years of Law Breaking by banned foreign agents!
Lets us consider why he would want to do that. What we find is that post the enactment of TONA in 1810 enemies foreign and domestic have conspired to destroy the American Government Experiment for they feared America being Great would destroy their Global Slavery System erected under the Pontif! They were right! Who wants to ruled by the Papacy and its Luciferian Pedo child murdering cabal? No-one in their right mind. People want to be Free and not enslaved which was the entire purpose of America! To create the first nation on Earth in modern Western civilization where the people were a Free people not subject to the whims of criminals, Psychopaths and parasites.
This document exposes what the criminals and parasites have done to our nation to turn us back under the Crown (Vatican) since the war of 1812. Remember though as you read on, everything tainted by Law Breakers post 1819 is legally invalid for Fraud based on violation of TONA.

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