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The California Mafia - You need to watch this video
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Published 4 years ago
The totally corrupt California...

As you might know, we're having problems with Mexico, China, California, drug cartels and why? Because those running the United States and the States see their Job as a means to enrish themselves and build an empire than improve the lives of the Californian people. The so called Democrats, Republicans are the Body of the FEDERAL RESERVE. / U.S. foreign, private, unlawful corporation, ZioBankster Ponzi Scheme illegally created in the 1860's. Its the entity that overthrow of The United States of America as of the "Civil" War. It's a continuing criminal enterprise.

WATCH THIS! Yes, it affects all of us.... this is what 99% of America thinks is their government!

What you should have also got from this is the entire legal system is totally corrupted!

Now unlearn, un-educate and pass forward!
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