Cosmic FLOOD? Cosmic WAR? MARS? Exploded Planet? Elite Planning? Joseph P. Farrell
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Did the 'Big Golden Age' blow itself up? Fascinating ancient history discussion by the amazing historian Joseph P. Farrell. Providing an understandable operating framework for deciphering ancient and modern patterns of operation. What is the elite endgame?  See notes below.  Ideas for a top-level, coherent, cosmic framework of origins.

"You realize that the current model of 'we were hunting and gathering for tens of thousands of years and all of a SUDDEN we decide to invent mathematics, music, calendars, domestication, agriculture, political organizations and on and on it goes. Once you look at that narrative with ...[skeptical eyes], you realize there's a big problem with it. And they really have not got any alternative...and the problem also, i think, they are faced with is that in order to entertain alternatives, they have to entertain things that make them very uncomfortable, Atlantis, ancient high civilizations....My operative model, i am putting out hypothesis, this may be something that is amended, my model has always been that there was indeed a very high civilization here on Earth AND elsewhere...i think it very possible that this civilization was inter-planetary and my model has been that it blew itself up, quite literally, in a war...My model has always been that it blew itself up in a war. And the war was fought with horrendously sophisticated weapons of mass destruction. In my model, those weapons were used to blow up a planet in the solar system. [The blown up planet] is now the asteroid belt... My assumption has always been that this [advanced] civilization would have had continuity of government operations. It would have had surviving elites. And those elites, in the aftermath of such a war are confronted with a problem... how to jumpstart civilization." ~ Joseph P. Farrell

Pieces to the puzzle of the amazing ancient backstory. Topics include: Cosmic FLOOD? Cosmic WAR? MARS? Exploded Planet? Elite Planning? Slave Species? Atlantis? Egypt, Zulu, Dogon, Nephilim, Anunaki, Star Wars? Continuity of Government (COG). Tom Van Flandern Exploded planet hypothesis: Mars may have been the moon of a larger water-bearing planet? Gap-theory (Reset) of creation in Genesis?

* Important Note: This video summary EXCLUDES the OT/NT "dual-faced God" scenario since this scenario leaves out the other core concepts of DNA War and horrendous genetic engineering crimes by the fallen satanic angels (Nephilim). Please see L.A. Marzulli presentation for this specific topic at:

Nephilim Trail - Decoding Genesis 6, The Strange Skulls and Skeletons of Peru, LA Marzulli, Days of Noah characterized by DNA - Genetic Engineering:

and also

Enoch - Why does the Book of Enoch Matter? Reversing Hermon. Dr. Michael Heiser

Nephilim Pattern (Operating Model): War, Weaponization and Slavery.  War against God. War against each other. War on the Earth. Weaponization of everything they touch.  Slavery of Humankind. Sexual Slavery.   Enslaving each other. DNA Slavery - Genetic Engineering.



Joseph P. Farrell Ph.D. at has a Ph.D. in patristics from the University of Oxford and is the author of 20+ books. Farrell is incredibly well researched, providing a wealth of historical references. He specializes in connecting history, finance, physics and controversial alternative history - the backstory. His remarkable book series includes: McCarthy, Marshall, and the Other International, Babylons Banksters and Nazi International: The Nazis Post War Plan to Control Finance.


FULL PRESENTATION: Mind-Blowing Interview: Cosmic Wars, Interplanetary Breakaway Elites & ’Off Planet Origins'

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