Enoch - Why does the Book of Enoch Matter? Reversing Hermon. Dr. Michael Heiser, www.DrMSH.com
247 views • 08/15/2022


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Enoch, The Watchers & The Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ.

Christ Messiah solves three problems: 1.) Estrangement from God 2.) Restoring Peace to the Nations  3.) Reverses Gen 6 Self-destructive Element.

"...If those are the three problems, when the Messiah comes, the Messiah is not here just to cure the ill of Genesis 3, [that is] to heal our estrangement from God and give us resurrection life to conquer death. Those are big deals obviously. But the Messiah is also supposed to take care of the other two problems. Bring back the nations (Babel)...[and] reversing the widespread self-destructive depravity that resulted from Genesis 6." ~ Michael S. Heiser, 22:30 minutes.

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