Nephilim Trail - Decoding Genesis 6, The Strange Skulls and Skeletons of Peru, LA Marzulli
368 views • 08/17/2022

An amazing presentation that will change your perspective on ancient history. 

"The moment we factor in the nephilim, everything changes." ~ LA Marzulli

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Why hide the ancient skulls and skeletons of Peru?

Deep dive down the ancient history Rabbit Hole with LA Marzulli. Understanding the Supernatural. This is a fascinating presentation from Pikes Peak Prophecy Conference in 2014!

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Numbers 13:33 ...And there they saw the Nephilim, the sons of Anak, who come of the Nephilim.... Jude 1:6 ...And angels that kept not their own principality [inter-dimensional], but left their proper habitation... [American Standard 1901]

LA Marzulli Quote: "What's the deal here with the flood? Why does He [God] wipe out everybody? Why only eight people?... Who are these Nephilim characters that come down. What are we looking at? I was totally perplexed. And then, later on when the mandate comes down from the same Holy God to wipe everyone else out in the Levant, [also called] the Promised Land? What's going on here, that's genocide. I could not reconcile that until I read The Omega Conspiracy, by I.D.E. Thomas.... Dr. Thomas pointed me to the works of Josephus...all pointing at the Nephilim...Who are the 'Sons of God'? [b'nai ha Elohim]...We see a proclamation by the Most High God [Genesis 3] that there is going to be...a seed war...The seed war is so egregious that only 8 people are not contaminated [Genesis 6]'s all about [human] DNA. It's the same thing all through Scripture...the [human] genome was contaminated, and not only humankind, but the animals also..." ~ LA Marzulli


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