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Ultimate Altoids Tin Survival Kit - Based on the 10 Cs
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Ultimate Altoids Tin Survival Kit - Based on the 10 Cs of Survivability. I'm very familiar with the 10Cs and familiar with survival kits like this. I thought that the trick birthday candles were a brilliant addition. It was also amazing that he got a 24" bucksaw blade in there and managed to straighten it out and use it afterwards. Even if I've seen a lot of these, there is usually always something else to learn. There are lots of expensive gimmicks on the market branded as 'survival tools' or 'survival kits'. They are usually overpriced, cheap crap. For a fraction of that you could make something much more robust and well-thought out that you can rely on when you need it. Understanding what you really need and what will come in useful in a wilderness survival situation and thinking about it as you put it together, making decisions on what at add because you're constrained by space is a good exercise. Then the next step is to put in some dirt time with another challenge where you go out and try to survive with just this kit. Don't put your life at risk of course, but put yourself in a situation where you put it to the test, then make adjustments based on that.

From the content creator:
The ultimate wilderness survival kit, fits in a pocket size Altoids tin. With this kit and a little knowledge a few unexpected nights in the woods is a minor inconvenience. Featuring tools such as a cut down Mora Eldris and a 24" Bacho buck saw blade. this 5.75 oz. kit is light weight and heavy duty.

For reference:
10Cs of Survivability
1. Cutting Tool
2. Combustion
3. Cover (shelter)
4. Container
5. Cordage
6. Candle (candling device)
7. Cotton (e.g. bandana)
8. Compass
9. Cargo tape (duct tape)
10. Canvas needle

By Burning River Bushcraft
Original video here:
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