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DIY Water Distiller! - The "Stainless Steel" Stove-top Water Distiller! - Easy DIY
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Homemade Water Distiller! The "Stainless Steel" Stove-top Water Distiller! Easy DIY. easily turns dirty-water/or saltwater into clean fresh drinking water. cleans water to 99.999% pureness. super easy to set up and use. great for Survival/SHTF or everyday use.

System is made from 18/10 stainless steel (used to make high quality cookware). *to collect even more of the steam (water vapor) tent a piece of aluminum foil around the top. *other ideas: lengthen and/or cool the stainless steel tube and cool the jar. i

*lastly, a note about it's efficiency... the cost to buy a gallon of distilled water (averaging 98 cents) is roughly equivalent to the cost of making one with this unit (roughly 80 cents to $1.20 in electricity). detailed breakdown: assuming an average of 10 cents per Kwh (1000 watt hours) and a stand-alone stove-top burner (averaging 500-750wh/hr (watt hours per hour), it will use 5 to 7.5 cents in electricity every hour. since i averaged 16oz every 2hrs - just scale up to one gallon (128oz in 16hrs). 16hrs x 5 to 7.5 cents gives you your cost of 80 cents to $1.20.

*with the addition of a Steam Catcher on top of the jar and/or a longer pipe you could increase the efficiency even further.

*use a rocket stove or parabolic dish and it's essentially free distilled water.

Here is a slightly more 'deluxe' version of this water distiller:

Credit to desertsun02 - original video here:
He does some really interesting and useful DIY builds and experiments.
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