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Iron Mountain III - The Update
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Published 3 years ago
This is the FINAL UPDATE documentary to THE classic video in its field: "Iron Mountain – Blueprint for Tyranny" and to its three-part follow-up, "Iron Mountain II" [Links to the complete Iron Mountain video series below].

Iron Mountain III - The Update: This documentary reviews the Iron Mountain Report and then provides an update of material and moves by the federal government towards disarming the American people and bringing the United Nations to Global Power. It covers new advances in people control and non-lethal weapons, ID technology, and the move toward personal identification mark. Also, included: The UFO threat becoming a reality, new UN treaties and the new Iron Mountain Religion.

The Iron Mountain agenda is being totally implemented and unless it is stopped, means the American people have sold their own children into a diabolical slavery with conditions worse than anything that can be imagined. THE RICH MEN OF THE EARTH FULLY MEAN TO CULL THE POPULATION BY MILLIONS AND ENSLAVE THE REST. Is this what you want for you and your children? —Stewart Best [ | YT Channel: angelfall923]

_______________________Links to Complete Iron Mountain Series:

1. Iron Mountain – Blueprint for Tyranny

2. Iron Mountain II — Part 1 of 3 — Follow-up to THE Classic in its Field

3. Iron Mountain II — Part 2 of 3 — Follow-up to THE Classic in its Field

4. Iron Mountain II — Part 3 of 3 — Follow-up to THE Classic in its Field

5. Iron Mountain III — The Update

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