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Pale Horseman of Revelations 6 caught riding in Egypt? What the Reflection Means!
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I Saw The Light Ministries
Published 3 years ago |
While filming live on Feb.3, 2011 6:27am Egyptian time, a MSNBC camera had what is called a "lens flare". It is an upside down reflection of the fire and lights in the background. The reflection has the appearance of the pale green horse man of Revelations chapter 6. Since it is a lens flare, does that mean that it has NO spiritual meaning? NO. It is still a sign from GOD! What is happening in Egypt is a reflection of what is happening across the world. The antichrist spirit is rising. The image of the beast is a reflection of the beast/antichrist. Christians should be a reflection of Christ. 666 is a reflection of the antichrist. Please see to see how 666 is also a mirror reflection of communist Islam. Green is the sacred color of Islam! Rev.6 Greek word for "pale" is G5515 which means GREEN. Guess what the very NEXT number in Strong's concordance is? G5516=666!

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Also: Brian Williams says "very blurry camera, we trying the very best we can to give you a clear shot, we been watching them chase each other down". Bible says Hell follows him! we can see little lights following him in the video! He didn't say this in the other video clips! wow! GOD is trying to show us. John said he looked and he saw! are you looking? are you listening? good slow motion up close has it appeared on euronews. with major explosion after horseman disappears! This didn't happen on any other video! Another reflection! But not by accident! There is a reason! Wake up!

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The world is being turned upside down by Islam in cooperation with Communism of China and Russia! The Beast is Rising! Repent TODAY!
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