"Forced Vaccines In America" - A Prophetic Dream Of What's Coming
857 views • 11/18/2021
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Today's word: The Lord continues to show how we are on the road to forced vaccinations. First prophecy to mention this was "Forced Vaccines" and now others follow. (See below).

America will pass vaccine mandate laws. It will be a criminal offense not to have the full doses, a crime worthy of violent treatment and penalties. These laws will remove all current pretense of these vaccines being a matter of choice- whoever doesn't take them willingly will be forced. From newborns to the elderly, God revealed that people will be forced into this and a huge uproar, a great weeping cry will rise from America. The global agenda long prophesied on this channel is getting BOLD as God said it would, so it's necessary for all believers to maintain FAITH in the face of end times events (just as the saints before us endured persecution). We always say "and they did not love their lives til the death"- well- this is the kind of stuff they faced with FAITH even if it brought death, so may we all move closer to God and ask for that kind of faith.

Personal note: I believe the great struggle for humanity in the end days will involve DNA- whose is pure and whose isn't. Please note, we ARE in these end days, so this warning is not for "times to come". It's for right now. The more I see the Lord's word come to pass I realize these medical prophecies especially are warning us of the need to STAY HUMAN, stay without having our genetic material harvested, manipulated, twisted, "combined with" things- to basically be like NOAH and stay pure in our generations until Christ returns.

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