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Welcome to The Master's Voice End Time Prophecy Blog: (Hear the words of the Lord).

Today's word: The covid-19 vaccine will be made into a pill and given/forced on African countries under the guise of a need for IMMUNIZATION OR AN "IMMUNE BOOSTER FOR THE IMMUNO-COMPROMISED". Do NOT take the pill. In this prophectic dream the Lord showed savage consequences of this pill, unknown "changes" will trigger those who take it into attacking others like wild beasts. There will be foreign military seen in African countries, proof that the one world system will rise in all the nations of the world. May the people of God heed these warnings and stay away from things that destroy the integrity of the human body. This is what Revelation 6:8 warns of, "To kill with the beasts of the earth"- Hear the words of the Lord.

AT THIS TIME PROPHECIES WILL ONLY BE PUT ON THE MASTER'S VOICE BLOG AFTER A FEW DAYS, FOR MY PERSONAL REASONS. Subscribe to the blog and when messages are uploaded you'll receive an email and can read the message there.

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