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David Icke Common Law Is the Real Law of the Land -- Understand & Disconnect Yourself From the Deceit of Statute Law - Truth Comes to Light
Published a year ago

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” ~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

"This is a very important video, about a very important subject, at a couldn't be more important time." ~ David Icke

Make no mistake about it. THIS VIDEO WILL BE THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO YOU WILL SEE IN YOUR LIFETIME. It makes clear how you -- and everyone of us can -- and MUST act NOW, to free ourselves from the GLOBALIST DECEIT, that is now closing its nets around you, to complete its hundreds of years old quest to establish a totalitarian dictatorship over YOU, THIS ENTIRE PLANET, AND ALL OTHER LIFE ON IT. The time is NOW come, FOR ALL OF US, to step out of our false convenient comfort zones, and assume our responsibilities, and face the reality head on.

This is literally a matter of NOW or NEVER.

Over the past few years more and more people are now finally beginning to wake up to the true DECEITFUL, UNLAWFUL & CRIMINAL nature of the globalist "governance" program that we were all born into, and that we took for truth and for granted, and that we all allow(ed) to rule our lives, until we saw the truth. And now that we see the truth, we want to deliver ourselves from its clutches. Yet, HOW DO ACCOMPLISH THAT? 👉That is what you will learn in this video👈

The current human system that we have unwittingly allowed to profit off of us, our time, and our energy, that we have allowed to parasitize on us, has UNLAWFULLY USURPED our time, our energy, and our freedom, our ENTIRE LIVES! AND THIS MUST STOP NOW.


“It is a deceit imposed upon the human race, generation after generation, on a scale that beggars belief and defies the imagination.”

“Common law is the real law of the land. Not the laws coming out of government, government agencies, and the institutions of state in general. Not the laws administered by the police forces and other forms of law enforcement.”

“There are two different systems of law. One they don’t want you to know about and the other one, they want you to believe it’s something that actually it isn’t.”

“This appreciation of the difference between common law and what is called statute law…offers a way to disconnect yourself, and it seems your business, from the impositions of law imposed currently in all the covid nonsense by governments and its agencies.”

“Common law is lawful. Statute law is legal. These are different terms having different meanings.”

How you can lawfully disconnect yourself, your family and your business from governments and the institutions of law enforcement and no longer comply with ‘Covid’ fascism. David Icke talks with common law expert John Smith at A must-watch for those who choose freedom and want to end this madness.

by David Icke
November 8, 2020


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🎥 Watch: David Icke Common Law Is the Real Law of the Land Understand & Disconnect Yourself From the Deceit of Statute Law - Truth Comes to Light

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