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201) Smartphone microwaves blasting YOU (short version)
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Published 4 months ago |
In this video, Ricardo Delgado of La Quinta Columna shows that people watching his channel on "smart" phones are being deliberately attacked by microwaves, including highly damaging pulsations. So if you watch things that make you a "dissident" you become a targeted individual for microwaves, but if you watch any old rubbish, you receive a dose of radiation that is only what is needed for the streaming and no more.

Versão completa em espanhol / full version in spanish:
200) Irradiação personalizada por microondas, Inteligência Artificial pune a sua escolha:

O canal de LA QUINTA COLUMNA na Plataforma TWITCH foi banido.
By now, LA QUINTA COLUMNA's channel on the TWITCH Platform has been banned.

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Movimento Português de Prevenção do Electrosmog
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