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P.2 Riccardo Bosi, Judy Wilyman, Monica Smit; new hit-piece by infamous John Flint, Western Australia MVI_7746
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EK the Urban Yeti
Published 8 months ago |
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Western Australia’s Sunday Times, 2nd October 2022, has published another 3 full pages on ‘anti-vaxxers, including Riccardo Bosi, Monica Smit, Simeon Boikov, and Judy Wilyman. John Flint, a useful idiot to the elites and enshrouded in a Walkley Award, again shows his unconscious biases in this article, if he is sincere, or his willingness to discredit non-compliant citizens, if he is insincere. Despite the evidence screaming from the rooftops that our governments are trampling on human rights, using health issues as an excuse, Flint continues to flash to the handful of readers of the rag he writes for that he is not well connected to reality. Note: I am expressing my opinions, and my assessments may be invalid, especially when I question the motives of John Flint, and others.

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