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Published 3 years ago
AMERICANS: What you see happening and/or feeling, and what seems to be unravelling behind the scenes is NO coincidence.
First: Our American 50 Union Republic states are still in place. Common law assemblies have re-organized over the last 2-3 years, with astounding results!! See link:; here are Union states Federal post-1860 enrollment of concurring votes from the State Assemblies and recorded on the Federal Record as Public Law A1010121.
Second: The Act of 1871 was repealed on July 3, 2020 by Anna Von Reitz. See the following article on the bankrupted and dissolved corporation called UNITED STATES, INC.; why? Because it was bankrupt! See:
The states assemblies’ diligent work, with guidance and direction from Anna Von Reitz, has greatly helped the states with education, direction and process on how to resurrect our Republic states and return their TRUE and ORGANIC status to Americans, by making proper claims to reverse the political and public liens created over the last 200+ and correct “who we really are” – from the lies and theft perpetrated by the Vatican, the City of London and the Crown, with complicity of the criminal banking elites and their cohorts in Congress who, without authority from the People, used the bankrupt corporation to fool us. Those criminal reprobates have worked hard since 1789 to steal our identities, our inheritance, our lands and our rightful government!
This level of fraud and deceit described in the video, continued throughout the 20th Century and into the 21st Century.
For more historic background info, download this online book: Book of the Hundreds,v4, :
For over forty (40) years, Anna von Reitz and her husband with a growing number of dedicated volunteers from the Living Law Firm uncovered every piece of criminal evidence to prove the usurpation of the “organic” unincorporated governmental structure and presented their assembled documents to President Trump early in his first term. He sent his own investigators to corroborate those facts and it resulted in full verification of everything reported to the President. RECOVER and RECLAIM YOUR TRUE POLITICAL STATUS, YOUR INHERITENCE, AND YOUR REPUTATION
Go to the links below and study, share and return to the land and soil of you ancestors and our respective organic Republic states!!
On a more important and profound Spiritual level bit of information: DJT was chosen by our Heavenly Father to remove the criminal and evil elements on the soil of America and all over the earth. This fact has been proven over and over again as spoken by modern prophets such as Kim Clement, Mark Taylor and many, many others beginning in 2007!
Finally, the military also approached DJT to help take back this country. They had planned to remove Obama for Treason, but chose a more covert plan and recruited DJT; in which, he agreed. Dr. Jerome Corsi explains here:
THERE IS A LOT OF STUFF; be Patient and ask for Heavenly guidance as you review everything. It is truly Heavenly intervention ONLY designed by our Father!!
Hundreds of Articles and other information found on this website: Plus, you can begin filling out and recording the paperwork to correct your current political Status, and return to being an American state National based on Anna and the Living Law Firm’s research; see article #928 at:
Study this website to get familiar with the history and the solution to reclaiming your TRUE identity and inheritance:
Zoom weekly webinars with Anna Von Reitz:
A 2-21-16 article from Anna as she embarked on educating & encouraging Americans to step-up and rebuild their states’ assemblies:
Help support the work of Anna and the Living Law Firm at:, scroll to the bottom, choose the "Donate Now" button.
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For additional information see:

NOTE FROM INFORMATION MINISTRY: There could be additional information added as it becomes available. Thank you, IM :)
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