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Published 4 months ago

Troubling Signs: The Gubment Is Hiding Something

* There are a lot of signs that something is up they may not be telling us about.

* Only idiots ignore warning signs.

* Are the ChiComs (a) prepping a hit on Taiwan and (b) afraid of this next election?

* Don’t ignore any of this.

* Be prepared.

* This stuff is for real; the peace dividend is over.

* There is no way all of this is happening by coincidence.

More Signals In The Noise

* In addition to reports of Chinese malware attacks, Senate satellite phones and radiological/nuclear emergency drugs, we have other indications and warnings that the cabal is plotting something big.

* Guam was just hit by Typhoon Mawar — not that weather warfare is a thing.

* 30 tons of [explosive] ammonium nitrate recently “went missing” from a train in California.

The left’s relentless, treasonous war on America keeps accelerating on multiple fronts.

* Power grid “regulators” keep warning about the threat of black-outs.

* God willing, the white hats have intercepted the plot and this next scene will be the anti-climax of the movie!

The full episode is linked below.

The Dan Bongino Show | 25 May 2023

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