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reloading your own ammunition
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Bitterroot Bugler
Published a year ago |
Of the myriad ways a person can be valuable to their household and community is the art and science of ammunition reloading. Once you shoot a round downrange, you are left with an empty case that can be reused many times. Being able to do that is valuable, but it also takes a real commitment of time and money.

With this video I give you an overview of the subject. I DO NOT recommend using it as a method of learning to reload, or even a part of your training. I EMPHATICALLY RECOMMEND that you find a mentor who will help you learn on their equipment, help you buy your own and supervise your early reloading efforts.

Simple mistakes can blow stuff up, injure and kill. This is not the time to play "Close enough for government work".

At the upper end of this skillset and tool collection, you can load ammunition that is customized to the barrel harmonics of your particular rifles and/or cut operating costs significantly if you intend to shoot A LOT.

This is one in a three-part set covering the reloading subject. The list and links below comprise the set.

trimming, deburring .223 brass cases for reloading

processing .223 brass - trim, deburr, uniform primer pockets

reloading your own ammunition

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