America Is Under Attack - Thoughts From the Bunker
103 views • 06/29/2021
Never before has America been more under attack from within than she is right now. It is sad to watch this once great country buckle under the blows of Socialists and Communists attackers. This once proud land has become a wasteland of dystopian visions. Everyday America is becoming more like the Communist country of China with talk of vaccine passports, continued masking and lockdowns. Our freedoms are being taken away bit by bit without so much as a whimper from the citizens. It is painful to watch the Imposter and Chief rip away all of the past administration’s accomplishments. It is gut wrenching to watch illegal aliens flooding across our southern boarder, totally unvetted with dreams of free handouts and passage into the interior of a country which they do not belong. All we can do is watch the corrupt power mongers in Washington DC, drunk on their new found stolen powers, salivating as they feast on the dying carcass of America. They have proven themselves to be the sociopaths that we all knew they were. They have ripped off their masks and are now going in for the kill of the American patriots, Christians and anyone who is of Caucasian heritage. Americans now wake up each morning and feel life is becoming more and more surreal with each passing day. We feel like a strangers in own homeland and probably ashamed at what we are watching take place. The patriots of this country have been very patient, much too patient. Only now are we finally starting to see some push back against the insanity that has become the new normal in America. We used to be able to travel across this great land and witness the amazing places and people of America. It tears one’s soul apart to watch the current state of affairs. What is even more disturbing is the vast number of Americans that have bought into the ideology that the leftists are pushing, like drug dealers to the addicts. So many people seem more than happy to live under the current conditions forever. They seem to like wearing masks, endless lockdowns, social distancing and the absolute torture of our children. That is probably the saddest part of this whole situation, our young people will never be the same and in many cases damaged beyond repair. In the span of one year we have watched our once free society turn into a dystopian hell on earth. So many people seem to have forgotten a free society where we congregated together like the humans that we are. Humans are social beings. We are not meant to live in isolation with a mask strapped to our faces, not able to touch one another, censored when we speak out and beaten down psychologically and emotionally for not wanting to go along with the narrative. Then they push their new vaccine on us all, totally untested as we become the lab rats in their grand extermination experiment. With each new round of vaccines that will come out, they are perfecting their master extermination plans. This is the new world that we find ourselves in, a world of fear, pain, anguish and total destruction of anything resembling the functional human experience that we once knew. But there can still remain some hope, we must be optimistic but also realistic. The corrupt leaders can only succeed if we allow them to but the time is getting short for us to thwart their destructive plans. There is no more time to sit by and wishfully dream of some supernatural intervention. We must all get involved in the battle that has been brought to us. The evil tendencies of the leftists in charge is on full display for all to see. If you don’t see the evil then you are probably already under their spell of obedience. To those people here’s to wishing you well in your blissful compliance fore it is most likely too late for you at this point. For those that look behind the curtain and see the pathetic people pulling the levers, you should be commended hopefully you too will join other patriots on the battlefield and fight to save America from the evil clutches of the insane people in power that are running our country into the ground. Let us rise up and truly make America great again! Otherwise you will have to explain to your children and grandchildren why you did nothing when you had the chance to stop the tyrannical take over of America.

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