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Aussies Are Shot in the Back by Police in Melbourne
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Published 2 years ago |
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This is What Tyranny Looks Like: Absolute Mayhem in Australia; Covid-Police Ambush Crowds and Shoot Protesters In the Back With ‘Non-lethals’ As They Run Away –

Tens of thousands of protesters have flooded the streets of Melbourne, Australia for the past few days, vowing to show up “every day” until the country’s draconian COVID restrictions are lifted.

The massive crowd of mostly trade workers cannot return to their jobs because of the country’s vaccine mandate. They have been completely cut off from feeding their families in the name of public health.

Now, as the crowd grows more restless, Australia’s COVID Gestapo has been unleashed in full force.

Shocking new videos from the protests expose police acting as jack-booted thugs as they brutally enforce the lockdown measures.
In one video that was posted online, an army of officers threaten the unarmed protesters with violence, telling them to leave and saying “no further warnings will be given.”

The crowd of brave citizens – holding signs that say ‘FREEDOM’ – refuses to back down, and responds to the threat by chanting “every day, every day.”
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