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Why Grow Your Own Food: "The Power of the Plate--The Case for Regenerative, Organic Agriculture in Improving Human Health"
Published 2 years ago

To learn more about growing your own food and medicine, watch: , , and visit: . To earn up to 17% commi$$ion$ as a FREE “Abundance Ambassador,” fill-out: . 

Video introducing &'s white paper, "The Power of the Plate: The Case for Regenerative Organic Agriculture in Improving Human Health." View the .pdf on Google Drive by logging into your Gmail before clicking-on: . 

To FREEZE-DRY all your future excess food to store for 25+ years, INVEST in a commercial-grade freezer dryer by (original Harvest Right affiliate link:

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected], OR [email protected] or leave a VM at 1+786.441.2727 ONLY if you’re serious about your physical and/or financial health.  If no timely response, reach out to Food Forest Abundance's Head of Sales & Strategic Partnerships in Ottawa, Canada, Matthew Britt: m: 1+613.263.4848 or e-mail: [email protected] & give him my coupon code: ONEHOUSEOFFTHEGRID or mention that you were "referred by Abundance Ambassador, Danny Tseng"

If you know anyone with cancer who’s open to learning about hyperthermia/thermotherapy by ordering a hardcopy of “The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees” for USD$99.95 (since no longer in print and more for my time), visit my eBay listing by clicking-on: & email me at: [email protected] or leave a VM at my landline #: 1+786.441.2727

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To get to the ROOT cause of your health issues caused by ”Roundup” weed killer w/ the world’s FIRST non-GMO product to have been shown to remove 74% of glyphosate from the human body, watch: & look around:

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