Ep. 68 - The Truth About Impeachment
36 views • 10/17/2019
Impeachment is a constitutional tool whose responsibility is granted solely to the House of Representatives. As outlined in the Constitution, the rules of impeachment are both specific (treason and bribery) and general (high crimes and misdemeanors). Besides the president and vice president, all "civil officers" are subject to impeachment. That means all federal employees whether appointed or hired.

Contrary to popular belief, impeachment does not mean removal from office. It is essentially an indictment. The Constitution grants the Senate the responsibility of holding a trial based on the evidence presented by the House. If convicted, the defendant can be removed from office and banned from future service in the federal government.

The power of impeachment has been used sparingly with only 19 instances in the nation's history.

You may be surprised by what we uncover when we dive into the language from the Constitution about impeachment, read the words of the Founding Fathers on the topic and study the history of its practice. How many Presidents, Supreme Court Justices and federal employees should have been impeached if the Constitution was followed?
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