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Published 2 years ago

Catholic Men and Discipleship

Not looking back while plowing our Christian furrow.

As they were proceeding on their journey someone said to him,

“I will follow you wherever you go.”

Jesus answered him,

"Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head." ...

To him Jesus said, “No one who sets a hand to the plow

and looks to what was left behind is fit for the kingdom of God.”

* [9:57–62] In these sayings Jesus speaks of the severity and the unconditional nature of Christian discipleship. Even family ties and filial obligations, such as burying one’s parents, cannot distract one no matter how briefly from proclaiming the kingdom of God.

* [9:60] Let the dead bury their dead: i.e., let the spiritually dead (those who do not follow) bury their physically dead.

"Many people seem to have the idea that freedom is all about doing what I want, when I want, how I want, etc. This is not freedom, but license. License is selfish, the opposite of the love to which St. Paul exhorts us. ...

We cannot be for Christ and against him at the same time. "He who gathers not with me. scatters," he himself said. We are followers of Christ since our baptism.

In theory this is the fact, but in practice how real is this fact for many of us? Are we really following Christ during the twenty-four hours of every day of our lives? Are our eyes always fixed on the true future which awaits us? Are we prepared to plow a straight furrow no matter what snags or obstacles may be on our way? How few of us can answer "yes, we are," to these straight questions? ....

But it is by living this earthly life properly, by being loyal to spouse and family, by earning one's living honestly, by living not only peacefully but helpfully with one's neighbors, that we are living our Christian life.

 ... The man who keeps within the limits that Christian law lays down for him, while working his way through this life. is a true follower of Christ and is on the road to heaven, plowing a straight furrow. ...

 Yes, all of us could do a lot more to show to Christ and to the world that we are following him gladly and honestly. We are not looking back while plowing our Christian furrow."

With SCOTUS overturning Roe V. Wade Catholic Men must act now more than ever!

Many mark this day as an historic victory for life, and while it is, it is also the beginning of a new battle for life. Now, each pro-life state must tackle loopholes and enforcement challenges that could drain resources and threaten resolve.

Here are the top four things CMCS recommends each Catholic and consumer consider doing today:

  • Locate the nearest Pro-Life organization to donate your time, funds, or goods to.
  • Identify which companies are giving to pro-life entities by searching for scores like the feature at
  • Daily take out your Rosaries and pray for all of the pro-life front-line workers and advocates that will be under attack and fear of violence due to retaliation from the hate groups.
  • The focus has shifted - People need to get more involved in pro-abortion Illinois in preserving the State constitution not to have a so-called right to abortion.

May God continue to bless America!

“I would argue that our present abortion laws are also responsible for attitudes that breed violence against innocent people. When abortion is legal, people learn that killing someone is a legitimate way to solve a personal problem.”

-- Francis Cardinal George

America will be sparred of the wrath of God.

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The CMCS Mission: Catholic Men Chicago Southland fosters local Catholic Men in personal holiness, to make Jesus Christ the center of our daily lives.


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