VAX TURBO CANCER? Natural Anti-Cancer APRICOT SEEDS. John Richardson Jr.
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Vax turbo cancer? B17 Better than CHEMO? Bitter Apricot Seeds (B17) are a natural anti-cancer therapy. Laetrile is the purified form of B17-Amygdalin.

"Cancer is not a medical problem, cancer is a METABOLIC problem." ~ Dr. Harold W. Manner. "Vitamin B17 (Bitter Apricot Seeds / Laetrile) is a metabolic treatment that allows your body's immune system to fight off the cancer." ~ John Richardson Jr.

FULL PRESENTATION. SGT Report Must Hear: The Death of CANCER - John Richardson Jr.

BUY Richardson Nutritional Center Bitter Apricot Seeds:

"Our natural Bitter Apricot Seeds have high levels of B17 (Amygdalin / Laetrile) in them."

Laetrile is the purified form of B17-Amygdalin.


Laetrile Case Histories, The Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience, Dr. John A. Richardson

World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17, Dr. John A. Richardson

The Death of Cancer, Dr. Harold W. Manner


How to Start a Basic Cancer Healing Protocol:

Healing CANCER with Laetrile B17:

Healing CANCER with Ivermectin:

Healing CANCER with Fenbendazole:

NoRx Fenbendazole Sources:

SafeGuard (brand name) at farm supply stores. Mention that it is for your pet.

NoRx Ivermectin Sources:

NoPrescription Ivermectin (Generic Stromectol) buy with CC at

eCheck or Bitcoin at

John A. Richardson Jr. BIO (Short)

"John A. Richardson, Jr.'s journey with apricot seeds began in his childhood, where they were a staple in his daily diet. As he transitioned into adulthood, he developed a profound dedication to spreading awareness about the potent health benefits of Vitamin B17, a key component found in these seeds."

"His network of close friends was significantly influenced by his connection with G. Edward Griffin, a lifelong friend of his father, Dr. John A. Richardson, MD. Dr. Richardson, a visionary in the realm of nutritional health and alternative treatments, ventured into politics by running for congress in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1960s. His platform emphasized the values of God, Family, and Country. Despite his pioneering efforts in healthcare, Dr. Richardson faced adversity, losing his medical license, freedom, and eventually, his life."

"Driven by a desire to carry forward the legacies of both his father and G. Edward Griffin, John is the President of Richardson Nutritional Center. RNC promotes wellness and healthy living through the use of safe and effective dietary supplements that support the body's natural healing processes, including products that contain premium Vitamin B17. RNC is also committed to providing families with real nutritional choices that contain life-giving vitamins, minerals, and maximum nutrients."

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