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Hot? Cut Your A/C Bill in HALF (or MORE) by Understanding "The 3-Tiers (or Priorities) to Cost-Effectively Cool Any Building"
Published 2 years ago

STRE$$ED-OUT by ri$ing energy bill$? If so, watch this video going over some LESS THAN  ~3-year payback/ROI tips on how you can virtually eliminate the A/C part of your energy bills. To view the "Powerpoint," log into your Gmail before clicking-on: . For a FREE digital copy of my "10 Energy- and $-Saving Tips" e-guide, click-on:

Learn more at: & my "Solar Foundations--Energy Conservation & Efficiency" playlist" on my "Solar for Dummies" YouTube channel at:

If you own any commercial HVAC/Refrigeration equipment like small commercial A/C units, walk-in or reach-in coolers/freezers, and/or PTACs (packaged terminal air conditioners or heaters), watch the following video to reduce your kWh usage by ~10 to ~80% AND get your $ back in ~1 year or LESS!:

For a 1-page list of the most energy-saving products & services, log into your Gmail before clicking-on: and/or

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