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12.13.22: “DANGEROUS” MSM label…as they PANIC! NEWS/Socials Weapon Boomerang! ANONs LIVE! PRAY! [MIRROR]
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Published a year ago

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Epic Trailer Intro Ident
By MartijndeBont

​Biden brings non-binary drag queen to White House for signing of same-sex marriage bill

⚡️Each dot, represents $100,000 in US taxpayer dollars - according to the creator of this highly illustrative graphic.

SBF was just arrested.

Dave Chappelle Welcomed Elon Musk On Stage in San Francisco This Past Weekend

Part Five dropping now.

Jimmy Fallon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, other celebs sued over NFT promotion

Adam "Watermelon" Schiff experiences awkward moment when MSM reporter says his criminal referrals seem symbolic and doesn't appear to accomplish anything but look political.

Kari has whistleblowers in her lawsuit who were part of the verification process, and they say about 300,000 votes with no chain of custody were run through the system, as well as more than 130,000 votes that have terrible voter verification.

Elon Musk was booed by the audience at Dave Chappelle’s show in San Francisco. Musk later reacted to this and stated that it was ‘almost as if he’d offended SF’s unhinged leftists’

Balenciaga Is Pizzagate

Dr. Kirk Milhoan, Pediatric Cardiologist: "151 kids who had a cardiac MRI, at 90 days, 81 of them still had damage to their heart and the damage was of late gadolinium enhancement which is associated with sudden cardiac death".

Celine Dion diagnosed with stiff person syndrome but did you ever see her Balenciaga esque modeling connection where she breaks into a children's hospital in the middle of the night while kids wear the words "New Order"


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