Cyber Pandemic Inevitable? Part II
71 views • 05/21/2021
The vulnerability of American infrastructure is without question. It has been a topic of conversation in all these areas; government, military, financial, business, health care, utilities, and the supply chain.

With the recent Ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline, we got a quick slap in the face to wake us up to the reality of this vulnerability.

It did not take long for the gas and diesel supplies to dry up and the trickle-down effect to be noticeable to many of us on the East Coast. Fortunately, by the end of the week, things were returning to normal without much pain.

If the experts are correct in their projections this was just the beginning of more frequent and more intense attacks that will make the COVID-19 Pandemic feel like a “mild disturbance.”

Are You Prepared should there be an extended breakdown in our infrastructure?

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