Magnets Sticking to Meat? BEFORE and AFTER Test with 11.5 pH Water Of Champions...
2113 views • 07/24/2021
Go to: READ DESCRIPTION HERE: My wife and I heard of people finding magnetic meat. We were curious to find some magnetic meat ourselves so we could test our 'Water of Champions' on the meat.

So we searched multiple grocery stores with magnets in hand and none of the magnets we tried stuck to any of the plastic-wrapped packages.

However, a week later we tried another grocery store and to our surprise the magnets were slightly sticking to all of the packages of meat that we tried at this particular store. The attraction to the magnets was not strong but there was an attraction. I could feel our strongest magnet pull to the meat. Was this attraction magnetic or some other type of attraction? So we decided to buy one of the packages and bring it home and test it out further.


Let us know what you think of what is going on in this video?

We will attempt to do more tests in the future.

Cheri McGaffin
Timothy McGaffin II

#MagneticMeat #ChampionsNeverQuit #WaterOfChampions
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