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Covid-19 - "5G" - A.I. and the Evil AGENDA of the "Establishment" AGAINST YOU - David Icke Apr 4, 2020
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Morpheus Platon
Published 3 months ago |
Video originally uploaded on YouTube by David Icke on April 4th, 2020, on his own Y.T. channel which as of May 2nd 2020 was Removed completely by YouTube...

David Icke is not a MD Doctor but his views are very well documented by Scientists such as Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD who has been one of the few who were Brave enough to Speak Publicly on the SCAM (and significant "tool" for the AGENDA) called "Covid-19" and "viruses" in general... and you may see one of his videos here:
There have been quite a few brave and Honest Scientists who have been writing and speaking publicly as well, you may read here:

and here:

And of course you may also look for Dr. Thomas Cowan MD videos, regarding the correlation between the so called "pandemics" and the Electromagnetic Radiations, such as that of "5G" and others...

What is being said by David Icke in this video-cast, IS THE "inconvenient" TRUTH and the Future of All of us is DESIGNED (by the ELITE or CULT..) to be the "hell" of the De-Humanization of people in the few coming years...

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