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Ta Nea einai Allou
Published 4 months ago |
This video was originally uploaded in English by David Icke's you-tube channel 21-04-2020, titled: “Dr Andrew Kaufman exposing the 'Covid-19' magic trick - the sleight of hand that transformed society”...
Dr Andrew Kaufman MD, above all, is obviously an Honest man, and then an Honest and Brave (I would say) Scientist, quite Unfortunately among so many Silencing... and/or "silenced" ones... in front of a Major Global DECEIT which is Absolutely, Violently and so Radically Transforming the World Society as we know it so far... Dr Andrew Kaufman MD web-site where you may also find this video as well as other videos and various useful items is:

- Greek manual and hard-coded on video subtitles version of it, now (16-05-2020) ready to be uploaded on here

The "previous video" lecture which is mentioned by Dr. Kaufman himself in this video here, had been originally uploaded by him on his own web page beginning of April 2020 on his you-tube channel under his name here: and you may find that video also on this you-tube channel uploaded by the user: "TheFelsyFamily" εδώ: with English subtitles option.

Regarding David Icke, whose entire you-tube channel was deleted(!) on May 2, 2020, I must say that I may not agree 100% with the author's research conclusions and views. In other words, although I agree to a great extent with much of his conclusions, I am saying that out of my own research, my conclusions, findings and views, are going, let's say even "further" than those I thing missed by David Icke himself.

People have seen NOTHING YET... compared to what is coming... and one "landmark" of that, will be the Global V@cci-nations against a NON EXISTENT "virus"... which apart from the usual HIGHLY LETHAL HEAVY METALS etc…, will also contain "SMART" NANO-TECH inside them...

The SO CALLED "virus" of the SO CALLED "pandemic Covid-19" is nothing but a Major "Tool" of the known and Unseen "ELITE", via the Global V@cci-n-Pharma-industry owner Bi11 Gates (super-rich Front-man), and his "subsidiary" called W.H.O. ... in order to violently Push the AGENDA of the Technocratic Global Dictatorship also called "Global Government" which has already started being Imposed via "smart" and A.I. technology which will now on start being implemented even faster, "5G" networks have already been "well on the road" During this current "LOCK-DOWN" and already "On" in lots of Major world's Cities...

Elon Musk, another front-man Psychopath (should be in jail for crimes against humanity) has already started Launching his 42,000 Satellites for the "5G" / Global "Wi-Fi"... SUPPOSEDLY just for much faster internet, while its extremely STRONGER EMF Radiations SPREAD EVERYWHERE! and as it has been Proven by INDEPENDENT (SUPPRESSED) Scientific Studies such as the one of the Scientist, Researcher and Activist Dr. Arthur Firstenberg, and his recent relative book, ARE DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE CAUSE OF Electromagnetic illnesses.. with Similar Symptoms just like the SO CALLED "Covid-19"... Dr. Firstenberg book, titled “The Invisible Rainbow – A History of Electricity & Life” can be bought from Bookstores and can also be read here:

There is so much more to all this... Unfortunately most of Humanity will keep "sleeping"...

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