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America's Food Insecurity
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Published 2 years ago

Disastrous Year For Food Production

* Alarming number of disasters at food plants.

* Various food processing plants in the U.S. have burned down in the past 6 months.

* These disasters could not come at a worse time.

* Supposedly there’s a new avian virus — and tens of millions of chickens/turkeys have been destroyed because of a bird flu epidemic.

* China has been buying up hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland.

* What is the overall effect of this?

* Farmer: across-the-board attack on farming.

No Coincidences:

* Remember last month when [Bidan] warned us about food shortages?

* A couple possibilities:

1. The bad guys were plotting to create food shortages.

2. The good guys intercepted that plot and are taking down the cabal’s [processed food] racket.

Tucker Carlson Tonight | 25 April 2022

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