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Update on the Canadian Freedom Convoy
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Melissa Lev
Published 8 months ago |
Update on the Canadian Freedom Convoy

A Warning from a Canadian Trucker - You Better Stock Up!:

Massive Trucker Convoy Heading to Ottawa - Go Truckers Go!!:

Start your Engines - The Convoy has Begun!!:

Truckers Rollin' Across Canada - Day 2:

Freedom Convoy 2022 - Hear our Voices:

Boycott Tim Hortons for Refusing to Serve Freedom Convoy Truckers:

Trudeau says the "Small Fringe Minority" Trucker Convoy does not Represent the Views of Canadians:

Canadian Trucker Convoy is for Freedom & Against Dictator Justin Trudeau's Covid Tyranny:

Nova Scotia is Coming Trudeau! Riding with the Convoy for Freedom!!:

American Truckers Let's Go!!!:

Night Aerial View of Ottawa - Freedom Convoy (Jan 28, 2022):

Ottawa - The World's Largest Truck Stop/Parking Lot (Jan 29, 2022):

Massive Protest Kicks off in Ottawa Filling the Streets with Trucks & People (Jan 29, 2022):

All of Canada has Joined the Convoy:

Prime Minister Trudeau on Convoy Protests - “We are not Intimidated”:

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