Underground Tunnels Foretold and Exposed
199 views • 12/28/2022

As further evidence and connected dots to show that yes, as much as we would rather not believe it, its true that there really are underground tunnels that help the perverted to traffic children for sex and money.  

We here offer some additional proofs that the tunnels that are so often testified about, not only exist, but have likely been an intentional part of the global sociopaths' honey trap plans to push their One World Government by use of threats and blackmail for decades.

So yes, they've been using the blackmail of Epstein-type entrapments to not only gain the help (and forced secrecy) of many of the elite, but even many military and civilian working class types who helped to build and operate the underground "DUMBS" system.

We revisit the 1960 H.G.Wells' movie "The Time Machine" along with a special tunnel construction clip as a way to show that some of the more conscientious may have been trying to warn us of this overall picture in many ways for a long time.

Link to "Doublethink of the Death gods" as promised in above video, hosted by our wonderfully growing team in Australia:

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