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Published 2 months ago |
TruNews Headlines – December 09, 2019

Horowitz Report finds 17 deficiencies but no intentional misconduct or bias by FBI. Fireworks fly at House Democrats’ impeachment hearing. FBI investigating NAS Pensacola shooting as likely terrorism. Kremlin commander warns of war with NATO in Arctic. Trump warns North Korea it could “lose everything” by remaining hostile to U.S. Iran vows Israel will “regret” aggression. Newsweek reporter resigns over OPCW story suppression. China orders all foreign computers and software replaced. Hundreds of thousands protest in Hong Kong. New Zealand police attempting recovery of tourists caught on White Island when volcano erupted. Blasphemous “I am Jesus Christ” videogame set to debut on Steam. Pastor arrested at Drag Queen Story Hour exonerated. Church uses Nativity scene to make political message about immigration. Jews threaten to evict Christian hotel owners in Jerusalem’s Old City. Trump says cross is “powerful reminder of the meaning of Christmas.” Doc Burkhart and Kerry Kinsey.

#FalseFlag #RegimeChange #China #HongKong #Impeachment

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