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'The Global Tectonic Fault Line Unzipping Phenomenon Explained for Vas: September 22, 2021
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Published 2 years ago
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Geological Question
Written by Vas and Terral
September 22, 2021
Hi Terral:
Hope you are well. I have been keeping track of incoming energy into the Mediterranean area from the deep quakes in the origination zone and warning people of possible quakes. In the previous week we didn't have many deep quakes, so I didn't expect much quake activity which is what happened EXCEPT for the 5.7 in west Sahara (which was not reported on all sites) and came out of nowhere. But most importantly how did La Palma and etna erupt without much energy coming in. In the pic I am sending, in the red circle there was only ONE quake greater than 4 in Albania on the 15th. Can you explain where the energy came from that caused two volcano eruptions in my area and why no quakes in between the two 5+'s? Thanks in advance, Vas
Hi Vas:
Thank you for writing. You have identified clear evidence of the Global Tectonic Fault Line Unzipping Phenomenon that began near the end of the 2020 Black Star Orbit Cycle in Week 50 earlier this calendar year.
Note the 247 L1 value marking the first time that the 2.5-to-4-mag quake number was 50 events below the seven-year average. Weeks 52 and 53 then show an 8-mag quake with two 7’s, fourteen of the 6-mag quakes, and 149 of the 5-mag quakes. Every earthquake event in that series above 6-magnitude struck inside the triangle created by Indonesia, Fiji, and Japan excepting one off the Chile coast (6.1). This is the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic-volcanic Origination Zone that saw the main body of the Superplume bulge out of the earth mantle transition zone placing great pressure on the tectonic plates that initiated the unzipping phenomenon. The phenomenon mirrors the crack-in-the-windshield phenomenon (video) that you can watch in slow motion in the video. You are seeing recurring numbers in the 6-mag quakes (10, 4, 0), and the 5-mag quakes with record breaking numbers (98, 61, 135, 79) and baseline low numbers (26, 27)….
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