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Controlled Opposition Shill Russell Brand calls for One World Government
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The Prisoner
Published 3 months ago |
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Brand with his 33 tattoo and ex wife Katy Perry, an obvious mk ultra survivor. I was hoping he might have grown some kahunas to stand against his cult family as he appeared to be speaking out against government over reach and even pedos in power to his 5M strong following.

He’s just come out over the current war psyop in Ukraine stating an international world government is the only way to peace. Que the United Nations and New World Order

Those that create the crisis, create their solution. History shows us this is always a power grab.

This is the final agenda, NWO World grubberment and world religion, thanks to the Khazarian Mafia responsible for WW2 and 9/11

Watch out for the counter movements down under to follow suit.
False light leading the newly awakened back into the slave system'

Further Info on Brand:
Russell Brand FAKE Truth Movement Leader Supports Vaccine Passports

Can We TRUST Russell Brand? Is He a Freemason / Illuminati Puppet?

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