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ThoughtCrime7 - What Is PCR? [hd 720p]
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Published 10 months ago |
Basics of the PCR technique as it applies to covid, featuring insights from the late Kary Mullis. Original by ThoughtCrime7, modified slightly by PSECmedia. ThoughtCrime7 is also on Odysee, but we couldn't find a mirror of this video on his Odysee channel, for reasons unknown. Just in case he ever decides to put it on there, we will link his Odysee channel.

Original from ThoughtCrime7 on BitChute:
Original from ThoughtCrime7 on ScrewYouTube:
PSECmedia BitChute Mirror:
PSECmedia Minds Mirror:
PSECmedia LBRY / Odysee Mirror:
PSECmedia Rumble Mirror:
PSECmedia BrandNewTube Mirror: unable to upload, reasons unknown.
PSECmedia NewTube Mirror:
PSECmedia Brighteon Mirror:
PSECmedia UGEtube Mirror:

ThoughtCrime7 on Odysee:
ThoughtCrime7 Website:
Check out the new INFO-GRAPHICS page:

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